Helping Busy Travel Advisors Run Their Business Smarter And Create More Time

Hint:  It's not magic.  It's systems!

I’m Korrine.

I’m so glad you’re here.  Here’s the thing:
We’re not just travel advisors.  We are small business owners, and we wear a LOT of hats.  We make our living using our time and our expertise, so our time is most precious.  
If you could create more time in your life, what would you do with it?  Take more FAM trips?  Get more destination education training?  Make more sales?  All of the above?
Stick with me, and I’ll share my productivity strategies and how I use technology & organization to maximize my time and make more money.

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Get access to a FREE TEMPLATE LIBRARY that will help you create effective e-mail systems so you can provide a consistent and excellent booking experience to your clients  ! I can't wait for you to join the Travel Biz Boss Community.
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How to use canned emails in Gmail.

Press play for a very quick tutorial on using these templates in Gmail with their canned emails feature (a treasure!).

How can I help?

I can help you a little or I can help you a LOT.
If you are a bootstrapping DIY-er I can offer you the tools to set up your own systems. 
If the thought of pumping the brakes on your business to stop and set things up in a more efficient way makes you want to cry, don’t worry! 
I can take care of everything.
From a simple audit of your processes with some recommendations to a total overhaul performed by me, I’ve got your back.

I offer tools and advice to help get your business running like a well-oiled machine.   
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Free Tools I Can't Live Without

There are a zillion free apps, extensions, downloads, & add-ons out there, but which ones will benefit you the most?
I'm a bit of a tech junkie, so I've tried a ton of them.  These are the top 4 that I believe are life-savers for small (travel) business owners, like us.
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