Creator of Travel Biz Boss

Between working hard to achieve a high volume of sales, running a business, training our associate agents, and trying to have a life, I had to develop some serious organization & productivity strategies in order to deliver a consistent and excellent booking experience so I could turn every client into a lifetime client.
As it turns out, I am passionate about helping others reach success through increased organization & productivity, using technology and systems.  Travel Biz Boss was born out of this passion, and I can’t wait to help you reach your goals.  I want us ALL to be Travel Biz Bosses!

The TIN Lounge Podcast Co-Host

What do you do with the 742 emails you get every day with all of the latest travel news? Tell the truth.  Do you just delete them or do you file them away for "later"?  Or do you spend hours reading them?!
I wanted an easier way to stay informed so I have partnered with my friend Theresa from @getoutcustomtravels to create a fun podcast that will save you time and give you an opportunity to multi-task while you catch up on travel industry news.
You can listen in the car, while you work or putter around the house...anytime!
Now streaming on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, or at
You can follow us at @thetinlounge 

Travel Advisor & Co-Owner of Journeys Travel Company

After working for someone else for a few years, my business partner and I decided to start Journeys Travel Company in 2011. We hit the ground running and hustled like crazy to become a top 10 agency with our host (TPI, which hosts more than 4000 agencies) within 6 months.
Today, we are a team of 8 badass "Journey Crafters" and growing.

LGBTQ Activist

After my wife lost her job because she married me, I was finally affected enough to get (very) involved. I have been volunteering with HRC (Human Rights Campaign) since 2011 and have served on the National Board of Governors since 2015.  I am proud to be a part of meaningful change and the path to equality.  No matter where life takes me I will always contribute what I can to the fight for equality for all humans.